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It's a force of nature. It's that thing that makes a television show something you can't stop thinking about. It's what makes people respond to advertising or have an instantaneous mental connection to a logo or brand. It's the source of great art and amazing music.

It creates comfort and causes revolution. 

Our services aren't limited to just design. We are a full service firm with the in-house capability to handle photography, response inducing copy writing, social media management, direct mail services.....anything your business needs to grow and maintain a strong presence.



WELCOME TO Studio 1 Design!

We strive to deliver unique designs, creative ad copy, striking photography and memorable corporate identities.



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We are always open to new challenges, ideas and creative outlets. We welcome the opportunity to help further your online presence and enhance our portfolio. We are eager to branch out in the coming months to include Flash and other effects technology to our design capability. Should your site design require something we don't offer, we have design and tech partners who can facilitate getting your site up to speed.


Patrick Jones


The whole world seems to be headed to the web, but we also have a love for print. While a quick search can reveal your business on the web, there's nothing quite like holding a great paper with a dynamic design in your hands. What makes print unique is that it incorporates more of the human senses and creates a deeper memory of your product or brand. Nearly thirty years in magazine publishing and brand development has armed us with an expertise and a connection to the areas of your business that can benefit most from print advertising and products to establish and further your company's identity.